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Display Different Languages

Phoebe_Yi asked
I'm not sure wether I should post this question in this session or not. If not can someone tell me where should I post this quesetion. :)

My question is if I have a system and I allow user key in their name in English, Chinese or even Japanese language. So how can I differentiate which language r they using and how can I display in the appropriate one? The important thing is if the user isn't using english version OS, for example for Japanese, they r using different language of OS, then how can I differentiate it? and also if the user(a japanese) is using english version of OS but the methods they keying in data is different so again, how can I differentiate what r they keying in?
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dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.

Usually the OS is set for the language when you do the install of the OS.   So if you install for English you are not going to be able to display French messages when a French person logs in.

And there is no way to work out the nationality of any person when they log in to a system.

to which application do they key in data?

You need to check the keysym you get in your application,
this will give you at least a hint about the used language (at least the difference between europen an for example japanease, 'cause japanease does not use 1-byte characters, usually).
If you check the keysym and find multibyte characters, it's pretty much something like japanease or chinese.
If you find ? it's pretty much german.
And so on ..
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