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Outlook folder Synchronization

krp9711 asked
I have a customer who has Outlook 98 is set for offline reading of folders.  He has created many folders and subfolders and hates to have to right click on the folders and set them to synchronize offline.  He wants to set Outlook to automatically synchronize new folders created daily to without having to manually set the synch option. Any ideas or settings would be appreciated.
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There isn't an option in Outlook that will automatically mark a folder for offline usage when it is created.  I think this was done because OST files do have limits and can corrupt when the file size approaches 2GB.

In any event, the only solution I can see is to write a Windows Script Host (*.VBS) file that marks all folders available for offline usage.  Here is a sample that you can work with.

--- begin mrkoffline.vbs ---
Dim objMAPISession      'MAPI Session
Dim objInbox            'Inbox
Dim objInfostore        'Message store
Dim objRootFolder       'Root Folder

Dim colFields           'Fields Collection
Dim objField            'Field

Dim strStoreID          'StoreID
Dim strResult           'Result holder for calls

Dim strErrProvider      'Message text


strErrProvider = "Your primary delivery location is not your Microsoft Exchange Mailbox!" & CHR(13) & CHR(10)
strErrProvider = strErrProvider & CHR(13) & CHR(10)
strErrProvider = strErrProvider & "Please correct this setting under Tools | Services | Delivery prior to running this script."


Set objMAPISession = CreateObject("MAPI.Session")

On Error Resume Next
strResult = objMAPISession.Logon

If Err.Number <> 0 Then
  WScript.Echo "Unable to create a MAPI Session."
  Set objMAPISession = Nothing
End If


Set objInbox = objMAPISession.Inbox

If Err.Number <> 0 Then
  WScript.Echo "Unable to acquire the Inbox."
End If


strStoreID = objInbox.StoreID
Set objInfoStore = objMAPISession.GetInfoStore(strStoreID)

If objInfostore.ProviderName <> "Microsoft Exchange Server" Then
  WScript.Echo strErrProvider
  Set ObjInfoStore = Nothing
  Set objInbox = Nothing
  Set objMAPISession = Nothing
End If

Set colFields = objInbox.Fields
Set objField = colFields.Item(CdoPR_OFFLINE_FLAG)

If objField.Value = 0 Then
  Set objField = nothing
  Set colFields = nothing
  Set objInbox = nothing
  Set objInfostore = Nothing
  Set objMAPISession = Nothing
  Wscript.Echo "Offline Folders have not been enabled for this profile!"
End If

Set objField = nothing
set colFields = nothing
set objInbox = nothing

WScript.Echo "This process can take some time on large mailboxes.  A dialog will be displayed when the operation is complete."

Set objRootFolder = objInfostore.RootFolder

MarkFolderOffline objRootFolder, True

WScript.Echo "The process is complete!"

Set objInfostore = Nothing
Set objInbox = Nothing


Set objMAPISession = Nothing


Function MarkFolderOffline ( objTarget, bRootFolder)

  Dim colFields
  Dim objField
  Dim objFolder
  Dim objTempFolder
  Set objTempFolder = nothing
  Set colFields = nothing
  Set objField = nothing
  Set objFolder = nothing

  Set objTempFolder = objTarget

  Set colFields = objTempFolder.Fields
  Set objField = colFields.Item(CdoPR_OFFLINE_FLAG)

  If (bRootFolder = False) and (objField.Value = 0) Then

    objField.Value = 1

  End If

  For each objFolder in objTempFolder.Folders
    'WScript.Echo objFolder.Name
    MarkFolderOffline objFolder, False

End Function
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Thanks for the Solution I have been away for awhile.

Thank YOU for responding, krp9711!

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