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JWTtheTh asked
I have generated C++ source files. These source files are hard to read and therefore difficult to understand. Does anyone know a good program that can beautify the source code to make the code more readable.
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Yes.  bcpp (the C++ version of cb, the C beautifier).  I suppose that, since you already ask for a *beautifier*, you already know about it.

If you use VC++, you can select the code to be auto-indented and press ALT-F8.  It doesn't do anything clever, though (it leaves everything on the same line as it was originally on).

Alternatively, write neater code :o)
Borland C++ Builder 5 has some nice options including text highlighting and other things to make the text more readable.  Alternativly there is another simple compiler called SciTE which on last look was an extremly nice FREE compiler.  One of the nicest features is the fact that it shows with parenthesis go with which, and has platforms for multiple languages.  Hope this helps...

Oh yeah, I hadn't thought that you might mean text highlighting.  SciTE is actually just an editor (rather than a compiler) - it won't format your code (what is normally meant by beautify) in the way that bcpp will.  Of course, VC++ does the same (as does vim, and you get to feel like you're back in the 80's for free :-)



I should have known that alt f8 OPTION before. It does more than enough for me.


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