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Single Processor on Dual Motherboard?

murphyp2 asked
Hi all.

I have been looking at an Epox Dual processor motherboard for my P2-450.  I only want to put one processor on it for the moment.  Is this possible, and how?  Any other info on this would be greatly appreciated.


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Yes, it is certainly possible and not at all uncommon.  Most modern motherboards like this one automatically detect how many CPUs and operate accordingly.

One thing to note, however, is that if you decide to go to dual CPUs in the future, you may need to replace the one you are getting now.  It's vital that both CPUs in a dual setup be from the exact chip revision.  Since you can't specify what revision you want when you buy them, you get whatever is available.  When you buy a matched pair, you are guaranteed to get a match.

It's not an issue now but will likely be when you upgrade.

I upgraded our Dell PE2300 to dual processors without having to replace the original.  I bought it from Dell, though.  They probably buy these things by the thousands and specify their destination when purchased.
I did have to run UPTOMP.EXE from the NTS resource kit so that NT would recognize and use the second processor.


Thanks for your help guys!


Dell is able to sell you an upgrade CPU that is matched with the original one in your machine.

If you just buy a replacement CPU from another source, however, they will not necessarily be able to supply the proper rev.  It MAY work but CPU version differences are a major reason for system instability in dual-CPU machines.  The problems can be quite subtle but it often causes problems.

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