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Explorer File List

adam8 asked
I just want to know if there is anywhere where I could find an explorer list list box for Delphi. it isn't included with Delphi 5 Enterprise by any chance is it?
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Where does Explorer use a listbox? Did you mean listview or treeview?

Delphi 6 comes with ShellControls demo including TShellTreeView, TShellListView and TShellComboBox components.
None of these were included in Delphi 5.

And their listed under the "samples" tab too, as borland doesn't consider theme polished enough for "publication" - it has to do with the insanly inconsistent way that M$ implements their shell controls through various flavour of windows.  I don't remember what exatcly, but apparently there's some special circumstance where they may not work correctly, though It's never been a problem for me.  I know that there are similar vcls produced by 3rd party developers - many free ones too.  THis would be a good place to start looking: http://www.torry.net/filedrvbrowsers.htm .


yup edey is right,
forgot to say that they are just demos, and they're slow & weird

if your meaning like windows explorers listview ..this has one of he best ones i know of:


yes, that implementation is good, I've used it before.



I am not even sure how to use it in my project

? you ask for a explorer listbox.
we assume you meant a listbox like that of windows explorer uses to display drives/files etc which is actually a listview as TOndrej  mentioned.

so i am confused as to what you mean when you say
"I am not even sure how to use it in my project "

you may be new to delphi i dunno so all i can say really is its a component that you can install into delphi then it will be on the component pallet under a tab called dfs so you can drop one onto your form..


I mean if you open up C:\Windows you will see a combination of files and folders with icons.  that is what I am after.

also how do I put it on t he component pallete?
ok i try to explain it :

download files and extract the zip to a directory called systree (under your lib directory
open delphi
from menu do component - install component
in the dialog that pops up select "into new package" tab
and for unit file name
browse to your systree directory and select
under package file name type systreee or something relevent.
(it will create the package in the same dir as the units are.)
click ok and it will compile the units and intall them and the component will appear on the component pallet under dfs tab.

close all and open new project and on dfs tab select a
dfsSystemTreeView and a dfsSystemListView1 ,now f9 to run the project..

note you can just use a DirectoryListbox and a filelistbox from the win31 tab but they are no where near as good..

any problems let us know..

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