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Phantom Program loaded

aintnorock asked
I just got a new computer and have begun to load software on it.  I first loaded Windows 98 and all the drivers for my hardware;  Then I loaded Windows ME.  Then I've load some other programs as well:  Printmaster; Quicken; MS Streets & Trips, 3D Home & landscape planner and probably a few others. I downloaded IE 6 and Outlook Express 6.  Everything seems to be working fine.

Then, all of a sudden, I get an error message on an executable called back-web.exe during startup.  I removed that software (as I  didn't install it and didn't know what it was).  Then, at next startup, I got another error message telling me that a shortcut in the startup file had a dead link.  I went and checked, and lo and behold, the short-cut pointed to backweb.exe.  The shortcut name was "Data Lifeguard".

Does anyone know what this software is and what it does?
Does anyone know how I got it loaded?
Have I screwed myself some way by deleting it?

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The software is either for one of the programs that you loaded so that support can access your computer or it is been dropped on your computer so someone can have unknown access to your computer.  I think deleting it and all references to it is the right thing to do.

Do you have a Western Digital hard disk?  Data Lifeguard is Western Digital's software for managing their hard disks.

Did you build this PC from scratch youeself, get it assembled but clean, or assembled with Windows?


d hall-

Yup, I do have a Western Digital drive..  The computer was custom built from scratch for me by a friend.  I did delete the program (using Norton Clean Sweep), so I can restore it, but I was starting to get error messages on it every time I restarted.  

Can you give me a better  idea of what the program does?  What happens if it's NOT there? And finally, how would I go about reloading it if the restore doesn't work?


You can find information about it here..




Automatically detects internet connection and
downloads any available updates. Typical on
Compaq and HP PC's but not restricted to those
OEM's. Resource hog and often causes malfunctions.
Available via Start -> Programs - not required


Thanks to all for your comments.

Pleasenospam provided the most information, so I accepted that answer.

Thanks again,

Carl <aintnorock>
Glad to help.


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