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...will be shut down by windows?

abmacrobie asked
I am frequently getting a system error that will shut down all running applications, not allowing me time to save my work.  The error is this "Explorer (or another application) has generated errors and will be closed by Windows.  You will need to restart the program.  An error log is now being created. (Cancel)  This has become even more frequent lately, yet I have research the problem on Microsoft's Help database site, the solution they provided was that Symantec "Cleansweep" was creating a conflict and to remove it would resolve this issue.  Unfortunately this is not the case, I did remove Cleansweep as suggested but the problem still remains.  Any ideas?  Thanks to all ahead of time.
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My suggestions :

Cleanup the startup stuff. In win98 -  Do a Start - Run - msconfig, startup Tab , or for win95 , NT or win2k,
Download the Startup COP a free pcmag utility from
 Run it and it will show you everything that is listed in all the possible startup
                        places, and allow you to disable things one at a time until the problem is eliminated.
 A lot of probelms are caused by excess old baggage - programs that have not been properly  un-installed. Startup Cop will eliminate leftovers and un-wanted programs that you no longer want.
Older Antivirus programs and Norton Utilities have been known to cause problems
try disabling them also !


6) Get two updated antivirus programs and check your computer Hardware.

Check the event logs

DO a SFC /scannow form a DOS window

Make sure you have the latest hardware drivers and that SP2 is installed.

IF IIS is being used get ALL the security patches.

I hope this helps !
(1) Have you tried to run the repair again using the ERD disks?

(2) The Quick clean of Cleansweep might have removed the *.htc extension in the registry and causing errors.
Inspect the registry editor by Start-run, regedit.

Check for the following keys, if one does not exist, create the key, and then add the values outlined below that belong to the corresponding key assuming Windows 2000 is installed in C drive:

String Value Name: Content Type
String Value Data: text/x-component

String Value Name: Content Type
String Value Data: text/x-component

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MIME\Database\Content Type\text/x-component]
String Value Name=CLSID
String Value Data={3050f4f8-98b5-11cf-bb82-00aa00bdce0b}

Create a Second String Entry with the following Values:
String Value Name= Extension
String Value Data= .htc

String Value Name ="Microsoft Html Component"

String Value Name = Default

Create a Second String Entry with the following Values:
String Value Name="ThreadingModel"
String Value Data="Apartment

or download the http://www.mcafeehelp.com/files/htc.reg from McAfee to repair the registry.

Hope it helps and let me know if it worked or not.

Patricia / pslh  
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