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PCAnywhere through network?

PUB_UL asked
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Last Modified: 2011-10-03
I would like to know if we can connect from the Internet to a host who is on cable and use a router. The host is a workstation on a network. Is it possible to connect to it? I'm using PCAnywhere 10.0


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What are ports i need to set on the router to allow people accessing pcanywhere?
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VNC is free.
remote control program Free  VNC. PC anywhere from symantec.com

From: ahoffmann    Date: 07/29/2001 05:03AM PST  Remote control Thru a firewall
 http://www.delegate.org/delegate/ can do what you want, but keep in mind that your admins need to allow it ;-)

remote control and admin over TCP/IP shareware $35

Try www.gotomypc.com  works behind a firewall !!

    From: tonnybrandt   Date: 07/29/2001 10:48AM PST
  I think you may be able to use VNC as already suggested. This cut is from the faq page at
 I remember seeing that you can set the port number when configuring VNC on your computer, so do try  it.

                 Can I run VNC over a port normally used for a standard service? (eg. port 21, or port 80)
                 In rare circumstances, people may want to do this, perhaps because they have a firewall which only allows
                 connections to certain ports. This can be done, at least for the Windows and Unix servers (see their
                 documentation), but the following points need to be borne in mind:
                 On some systems (eg. most forms of Unix), ordinary users are not allowed to run servers on ports below
                 You obviously can't run a VNC server on a port that's already being used for other things.
                 Many VNC servers use two ports: one for the VNC server, and one for the HTTP server that provides the
                 Java applet (see previous question). If you plan to use the Java viewer, you may want to change both.
                 Not all servers will allow this at present.
                 You need to tell the viewer the right display number. Normally, display numbers come between 0 and 99.
                 If you specify any number smaller than 99, the viewers add 5900 to get the port number. If you specify
                 a larger number, the viewers take it as a port number directly. So how do you use port numbers lower
                 than 99? You have to specify a negative display number! For example, to connect to a server running
                 on port 80 on machine 'snoopy':

                 vncviewer snoopy:-5820

                 because -5820 + 5900 = 80. This may not work with all viewers, but Unix and Windows seem to be fine.

I hope this helps !

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CHECK THE SYMANTEC site for firewall and pcanywhere to get the ports you need.

I hope this helps !


Ok, i found the port 22.
I enable it on my Virtual Server setting and forward to the ip address of the workstation that has the Host of PcAnywhere. But i think that you loose the internet connection eh?

Is it hard to set VNC?
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               pcAnywhere and Network Address Translation


               Partial quite

                                 NAT is usually included with a router and/or firewall. Network administrators have
               to create the NAT
                                 table that controls the address mapping. NAT provides firewall type protection on
               the Internet
                                 because it only allows connections that originate on the internal network unless
               you use inbound
                                 mapping for certain services. An example of this would be mapping the pcAnywhere
               TCP/UDP ports
                                 inbound to a specific host waiting on the network.
                                 For more information about NAT, please see:

                                 pcAnywhere and NAT

                                     PLEASE NOTE: The ability of pcAnywhere to access a host through a NAT is totally
                                     dependent on the configuration of the NAT. pcAnywhere Technical Support cannot
               assist in
                                     configuring any NAT to allow pcAnywhere connections. You must contact the vendor
               of the
                                     NAT software for that information.

                                 pcAnywhere should work with the first four methods of NAT. It does not work with
               the last method
                                 because the host computer cannot get an assigned IP address until it contacts the
               NAT server by
                                 sending an outbound IP packet.
                                 If you intend to use address/port mapping with NAT, that mapping is done with NAT
               and not by
                                 changing the TCP/UDP ports that pcAnywhere uses.
                                 Here are a few things to consider when using pcAnywhere with NAT:

                                     The NAT table must map to the address of the pcAnywhere host; for this reason
               the host
                                     address should be a static (internal) IP address unless you can dynamically update
               the NAT
                                     table and mappings.
                                     If you have multiple hosts on the internal network, you will probably have to
               assign different
                                     TCP/UDP ports to each host. The default ports for pcAnywhere are 5631 (TCP) and
                                     (UDP). For detailed information on changing these port numbers, please see the
                                     For pcAnywhere 9.x and 8.0, document 1999110411575512: How to change the pcAnywhere
                                     IP ports.
                                     For pcAnywhere 10.0, the document 2001021417112312: How to change the IP ports
                                     pcAnywhere 10 uses.

                                     NOTE: Any remote trying to connect to the hosts must use the same ports as those
                                     to the host.
                                     pcAnywhere remotes will have to know the external IP address of the host's NAT
               server. If the
                                     NAT server connects to the Internet using Dial-Up Networking, that address is
                                     assigned by an Internet Service Provider and will probably be different with
               each dial-up.
                                     Remotes connecting in will have to somehow be given that address each time.
               I hope this helps !
pcAnywhere uses either of two sets of ports depending on the version of pcAnywhere you are using. One
set uses ports 65301 and 22. The second set uses the registered ports 5631 and 5632.

2.0 tcp 65301 udp 22
7.0 tcp 65301 udp 22
7.50 tcp 65301 udp 22
7.51 tcp 65301 udp 22
CE tcp 65301 udp 22
7.52 tcp 5631 udp 5632
8.x tcp 5631 udp 5632
9.0 tcp 5631 udp 5632
9.2 tcp 5631 udp 5632

BTW, you can also use WebEX to do almost the same thing.
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