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texture co-ordinates

Sumia asked
I am using a texture of length 1000. when I want to start texture mapping say at 46 pixel i give the value to texture co-ordinate .o46 and i am successful. but it does not work when i give the value .287 and wants it to start at 287 pixel say in the u direction. what is the reason.
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Do you think somebody understood something?
OS, DirectX or OpenGL or something else. And why do you using a texture of lenght 1000?
What do you mean a texture "of legnth 1000"?  Textures should have a WIDTH and a HEIGHT... not a length.
Sumia... you have questions that have been open for months, and you haven't posted any follow ups on them at all.  There are people who went to the trouble to answer your questions who are STILL waiting to hear from you.  If they didn't give you a good answer, tell them.  But you need to let them know or give the points to whoever earned them.


I am working in dx 8.0. And texture has both width and height 1000. I am using 1000 because I want that it should has a precise floating point value.
Textures dimesnions in DX8 must be divisble by a binary multiplier ( 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 etc ... textures may be rectangular ( 128 x 1024 ). Then texture maps must be in .BMP format or in .DDS format ( .DDS is DX8 proprietary format)

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