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Installing CD Writer

siceman105 asked
Ok, I bought a CD Writer to install in my PC (which already has a CD Drive).

When I opened up the PC i noticed that although there were two IDE interfaces, one of them had the Hardrive and CD Rom (slaved), and the other was free.

So I connected the IDE cable and set up the CD writer (master on IDE 2), when I turned the PC on it didnt recognise the new drive. The power indicator on the drive came on fine etc, but the bios and windows just didnt seem to recognise it.

So, I opened the machine up, changed the jumpers on the CD Writer (making it a slave), pulled out the CD Rom, swapped the IDE interfaces (so the CD Writer was slaved to the hard drive) and lo and behold it worked!

Problem is the CD Rom doesnt work (its connected to the 2nd IDE interface). Ive been in the bios, its set on Auto Detect, so I cant figure out what is going on!

Can anyone help me?

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it appears your IDE2 cable may be faulty or not seated correctly. Try firstly pulling it totally out and then replacing it with the other IDE1 ribbon. This should show whether the cable itself is faulty and needs replacing. Otherwise just reseating the ribbon may fix your problem. Ideally your CD writer should be set to master on IDE2 and leave your HDD and CD Rom as they are on IDE1. Hope this helps.
cheers, Pete

oops forgot to mention....by the way most CD writers come with a spare ribbon cable which you could try.

It is rather easy to leave a row on either side if you don't have the "walls" around the pins to guide the cable in.  I have done this multiple times on the mobo and on the drive.  Verify that all pins are connected.  Also verify that the stripe on the cable is on pin 1 of the mobo and the drive.
Go into your BIOS. Your second IDE channel is probably disabled.

Enable IDE1(2nd channel) in BIOS, set to auto detect. Also recommend moving both optical drives to IDE1 as master(cdrw), slave(cdrom). Leave HDD as Master on IDE0(1st channel) solo for best performance.T


Ive checked in the bios, the 2nd IDE is set to autodetect

Have you verified that it is seated on all of the pins properly?


Yup, checked all connnections etc, thats why its so confusing!

Now it is time to relate a story.
I got a DVD Rom since it was time to replace a defective CD drive.  I got a cheapie first and it wouldn't work.  I thought it was the brand that was the problem so I took it back and paid twice as much for Creative Labs.  It still didn't work.  I looked at the docs and hooked it up in the exact configurations suggested and it still didn't work.  I finally decided that it must be something in the registry that was keeping it from working properly.  I did a complete backup of my system and then an OS rebuild from scratch.  The CDRW (which I already had) and DVD work beautifully now.  I had to reinstall all programs manually but I have a faster and more reliable system now because of that.  All data was restored from the backups.  It is a bit extreme but may help your situation also.
What's established is that the CD works, the CDRW works and the hard disk works.

But they all work only on IDE 0 and not on IDE 1

Reseating the cable etc doesn't work. BIOS is set to autodetect for IDE 1. Is it possible the IDE controller is faulty?

I would try:

Step 1: Removing CD and CDRW. Hard disk on old cable in IDE 0. Should boot. Then Hard disk on old cable in IDE 1. Doesn't boot? Then the socket/IDE controller is faulty. If it boots then:

Step 2: Hard disk on new IDE cable in both IDE 0 and IDE 1. Doesn't work in either? Then it's the cable
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