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Running Win2000 Server with Athlon cpu and SiS 735 chipset motherboard

rivaldo asked

Is that ok to run a Windows2000 Server with Athlon (Thunderbird or 4, 1GHz or above), with SiS 735 chipset motherboard, and DDR-RAM?

will such a pc crashes frequently and require a lot of time on fixing and downloading patches?

as I only have the budget to run a win2k server with such hardware config., I can't afford a lose...

Pls help me out!!! Thx so much!!!
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If this hardware is supported under W2K, and you configure it properly (i.e. no overclocking or sub-spec parts) you should have reliable operation.

Check your SPECIFIC motherboard for support at the Microsoft HCL at: http://www.microsoft.com/hcl

If in doubt, check with the motherboard manufacturer and make sure that they support W2K on this hardware.  If they don't support it, you'll likely have problems.  Choose another model or vendor that DOES support W2K.

The AMD Athlon is fine as is the SiS chipset but the specific motherboard is what is of concern here.
IT Systems Admin
What type of motherboard is it?  You do NOT want a mediocre motherboard.  Get a good brand name motherboard and you are less succeptable to PC crashes.  Also remember to get name brand memory.  I know you have a budget, but RAM is very important.  I would recommend spending a little bit more for brand name parts.  Be careful because some brands may have name recognition due to ads placed in the paper or because it is on sale, but in actuality those parts are substandard.  With the motherboard for the athlon, there are two types.  One type will take only PC133 and the other will take the PC1600/PC2100.  Make sure the motherboard you get will support the PC1600/PC2100.  Post any questions.

So which is it?  Brand name or not brand name?  You seem to be talking in circles....

First it's:

"get name brand memory"

Then it's:

"some brands may have name recognition due to ads placed in the paper or because
it is on sale, but in actuality those parts are substandard."

I'm not only confused but nowhere have I ever seen and data supporting the position that "brand name" is somehow better than the alternative.

If you have a source for this data, I'd love to see it.


Hi Rivaldo,

Motherboards with Intel or Sis chipsets are definitely better than those with VIA chipsets as it is much easier to get the drivers installed correctly. Indeed, VIA 4 in 1 drivers can be loaded correctly for the Athlon based VIA motherboards, but at times they can be unstable.

The single most factor is to insure that the CPU is adequately cooled and that the memory you have is matched to the motherboard and processor you intend to use.


Dennis has a strong point with the adequate colling. Have a look here and you'll know why:

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