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Moving/Converting a Win2K Installation on a FAT32 formatted Partition to a NTFS Partition

pnp asked
Dear Experts,

I unfortunately installed Win2K on a FAT 32 formattet partition instead of NTFS (I have to restrict access to several folders on that disk as well as to some programs)followed by installations of all additional Software (Office,...), so I'd like to avoid doing it all again.

My question: can I shoot an image of that hard disk partition/installation, move it, re-format the partion to NTFS and put the image back? Are there any other solutions?
Can I do that with Win2k or do I need another program to do so.

Any answer that solves the problem is worth at least 500 points.

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pnp, have you tried change it to NTFS using following method.

At the Command Prompt,
Type "Help Convert"
It looks like this:
D:\Help Convert         <enter>
Convert FAT volumes to NTFS.
CONVERT volume /FS:NTFS [/v]
    volume       Specifies the drive letter (followed by a colon),
                    mount point, or volume name.
    /FS:NTFS   Specifies the volume to be converted to NTFS.
    /v             Specifies that Convert should be run in verbose mode.

Convert [drive:] /fs:ntfs [/v]

At the Command Prompt, try using  and change to NTFS where D is your partition (for example).
Convert D: /fs:ntfs /v


500 ?
pnp, Have you tried my suggested method as above? Not within 10 min, your system will change from FAT32 to NTFS?

If you've any queries, please feel free to ask.

Patricia / pslh
<Not within 10 min> Sorry typical error, should be lesser than 10 min.      ;)
patch575IT Systems Admin

Make sure you have the latest service pack before you convert.  If you have a large drive, it might give an error.


Everything worked out fine, thank you very much!

Read up the convert section of the help files.

Do you still live in HK?
pnp, Nice to hear it worked out smoothly.

<Do you still live in HK? > 
Yes, I am still live in Hong Kong as this is my place of birth.

I've once travelled a lot in schedule 25 days(out)/7 days(in) for about 8 years.    

Now, I stay in Hong Kong all the time.   ;)


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