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Backup Exec cannot see remote NT/2000 Agent

Silas asked
I have Veritas Backup Exec NT/2000 8.6 loaded on my 2000 server with the OFO and Exchange options.  I loaded the remote agent for another windows 2000 server on my network in the same domain.  I checked in Add/Remove programs on that server and the Backup Exec remote agent appears in the list.  However, when I go to back this server up, it is greyed out in the backup selections menu and I cannot select it.  What is going on here?  Is there something more I need to do?
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did you logon using a domain account?  is the agent accelerator started on the remote server?  you might have to reboot the server after the installation of the agent accelerator.
Top Expert 2004

Is this the enterprise edition of backup exec? I heard they removed the network backup form the pro version. a work around would be to map a drive to the other box, and then it should show up in backup exec

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