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Excel links broken

mgrattan asked
I have a user who uses Links in his workbooks to get data from other workbook files.  When he opens one of the workbooks, he is prompted to refresh the links; when he clicks the Yes button, he gets an Open File dialog prompting him to open the linked file from c:\documents and settings\tedm\local settings\temp instead of from his network drive.  I have opened the same file from my computer to test it and it works fine; i.e., the links are refreshed from the location on the network and I am not prompted to find the files on my c: drive.

Why is this not working on his computer?  How do we fix it?

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Is he missing a drive mapping?  Is his mapping maped to a different drive letter?

If it is looking for example F: and he doesn't have anything mapped to F:, then it may default to C:



His drive mapping is fine.  When he gets the prompt to select the missing linked file, he can navigate directly to it on the network and select it; it appears to link but when he saves, closes, and reopens the file it prompts him again.

I don't really know WHY this has happened, but I think I know how to fix it.

He should:
1. Open the workbook (without refreshing the links)
2. Edit - Links
3. Select the link in the list (the list probably contains only one link)
4. Click "Change source", browse to and select the correct file, click "OK".
5. Click "OK" to close the dialog.
6. Save the workbook.

Any better?

Ture Magnusson
Karlstad, Sweden
Hi mgrattan,

Starnge, but it seems that this behaviure is hunting me all over the place.

After checking the behaviure that you've described for almost 3 months, I realised that this can happen when you transfer the Excell file from one computer to another (especialy if they are using different OSs).

It is very probable that Turo's solution will work for you, but I also suggest that you look at a quite similar problem that I had, and the TONS of suggestions that I got in response.

You can find it here:

Hope this helps,



I have relayed the information to my user and I am awaiting a response.  I will let you know as soon as possible the results.  Thanks!


Mike - tanks for the update.



Thanks ture, this solution worked fine.  Still not sure why the links were "broken" though.....


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