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Attachments and embedded objects not showing up on the web

Steamer asked
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Last Modified: 2013-12-18

I have a couple of applications running which all have a webinterface , each displaying numerous rich-text fields.

All applications except one show the attachments and the jpg's embedded in the rich-text items correctly , except for one application.

When i embed a bmp file in this application , it doesn't show up on the web and neither are all the other text or attachments which are also embedded in this rich-text item.
Same is true for the attachment , i can see the reference to the attachment and when i click it i can save it to disk without a problem , but the icon , indicating the fie-extention isn't showing , i get a broken link to the link picture.

I already tried inserting a working form and document from another working application into thios database and there it shows up ok , so i guess it isn't a database setting.
I checked all other settings and they are completely identical.

I did some research in other older applications , and there i noticed that there would be an option to hide attachments ( which i don't want to do ) but i am intriged by this field named
$V2AttachmentOptions. I can't find a reference for this field option in any Notes Help file.

Anyone any clues ?
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Disable database property "Display Images after Loading"

After setting this property, re-save the documents with attachments



Hem :

The settiing was not enabled. Meanwhile i found the problem myself.
I use 2 forms : one for Notes clients ( view and edit ) and one for the web ( only view )
I am using the values from the notes form to fill the webform.
In my webform i named every field like W_fieldname where fieldname is the name of the corresponding firld in the Notes client.
I discovered that for rich-text fields i can''t do this , the name of the field in the webform has to exactly the same as the name in the Notes form.
One of those things you can look for ages , as i did. Thanx for the help.

Thanx zvonko , looks like i am going to have to pay more attention to the online help , since it seems to be more accurate than the 'normal' help.
Not an easy thing when you don't have an interconnection at work , since i am an extern.
Hello Steamer,

this was not an OnlineHelp (InternetHelp?), but LotusSupportTechnote.
Take this URL for your next search:


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