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cMan asked
I have a basic dial-up internet connection that uses a
static ip. I also have a LAN that I assume is functioning
because all the computers are visible from each computers
network neighborhood folder. I want to set up my win2ksrv
as a internet connection server. I want to do this using
the NAT protocol instead of ics because I am using DHCP
and DNS. When the wizard asks me if I want to use the
selected internet connection or create a new demand-dial
interface. what should I select? Also if I select "use the
selected internet connection" which is set to: Local area
connection. I get an error saying the wizard cannot continue because no network connections were detected on this server.

Neil D
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Distinguished Expert 2019

I would not have said to use NAT instead of ICS if I knew you had a dialup adapter. I could get ICS to work but not NAT with an ISDN card and the manufacturer admitted that they bodged their NT4 drivers to make them work with win2k but that they did not support NAT :( Had to buy an additional NIC and an Ethernet/ISDN router in the end.


If I upgrade to ethernet/DSL w/router and buy another NIC
can I get it to work?

Neil D
Distinguished Expert 2019

Works every time with an extra ethernet card and a router and crossover cable but costs $150 more. If basic networking works with the NIC drivers NAT will work as well.

But do not accept this comment as answer, I have the same problem and cannot make it work, no ports available to NAT but ICS works fine, maybe I do i wrong, 200 extra points from me if anyone solve your problem as it will also solve mine next time.
IT Systems Admin
One option is buying the linksys router/4port switch for about $100.00  The link to the product is listed below.
Hopefully the following links are useful to you.





Make sure you are sharing your dialup connection on the server.  I believe you will need to use the demand dial to access the internet.  I would go with the linksys if you go with DSL because it is relatively inexpensive and you will not be using the resources of the server.  It will do NAT and also PPPoE.  It's pretty easy to configure.


Thanks to your article:


I was able to set up an internet connection server
using dial-up account and RRAS, and what do you know! I
can even use my DNS and DHCP servers as well! Unlike my
previous ICS configuration which administers fatal beatings
to both these servers, or maybe its the other way around.
In any event they conflicted with one another because they
both provide dns and dhcp services, but RRAS lets you disable these in the NAT properties sheet.


You may find this article interesting.

Neil D

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