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having a window refuse to  "show window contents while dragging"

PeteK asked
If I enable the "show window contents while dragging"  feature on Display Properties->Plus! property page (I'm using NT), the resizing of some windows in my application looks terrible (lots of flickering).

Is there anyway I can make sure that my windows don't  resize in this way (but rather resize using an "outline")?
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This is due to poor performance on the part of your video card, video driver, or your app's WM_PAINT handler.

There is not much you can do about the video but if the problem is due to your paint handler, you can help.  Fix it so that it doesn't draw everything while it's being dragged.

I will be back with the updated info.


MRN Murthy


Thanks Nick Repin.  This article is what I'm looking for.  

Thanks for all your replies.

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