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Frame without src

mammouth asked
My page contain 2 column the left menu and the contain. Is there a way without using <frame src="" i can make my left menu don't scroll down with the rest of the page ?
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The src attribute does not control scrolling.  If you do not want a frame to scroll just add:

scrolling="no" to the frame tag.

If you do that and the content does not fit in the frame the user will not be able to get to anything outside of the frame border

The way you are saying it....seems like the two parts are not even in framesets....if they would be...the left part would not scroll along with the right part....seems to me like your page has to table columns....and for that there is at least no cross browser (easy) solution....

You could use a solution that involves scrolling layers....but it might be a little bit too complicated for the purpose....



I have 2 column and i don't want to use frame but i don't want the left column to scroll down with the right column.
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Well for IE5+ you can try something like this:

<table style=table-layout:fixed">
<td> the menu stuff </td>
<td style="overflow-y:auto;height:450">
the rest of the stuff here
That should make the right cell a scrolling cell and leave the left
one static.

If you want it any more complex then that or if you want it to
work in Netscrap, then it is going to take a lot of script and
won't be real pretty in any case.



I can just say again <edited by Community Support> netscrap
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Thanks for the A... I share your frustration with Netscrap, but I think it would be best if I have that comment edited.  It is not appropriate language to put into the database.


mammouth, EE is a professional site, and as such profanity is not allowed
Thank you
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