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Internet & telephone on one line

daveatdanby asked
I am finding that I am using the Internet more and more, and as a result I am missing calls from my family as the line is engaged.
I am retired and can only afford one telephone line, but have seen a unit advertised here in the UK called ?Line Wizard? it is made by a Company called Avro Pacific
See www.maplin.co.uk  item codeZS01B
And costs about #80 Sterling.
It enables a single line to be used simultaneously  for both fax or  internet and voice

I am sure there will be other similar devices on the market.

Has anyone any experience of these devices, are they any good, and how do the work ?
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I would first check with your telephone provider to see if there is any way they can provide a voice mail box from when your line is busy.

Second options is to find a free internet service that will notify you when someone is trying to call you.

Any device that you buy will probably cut back on your connection speed while you are talking.

I hope this helps !

I beleive you would still need call waiting or the like.  From what I have seen about these types of devices they are built on the same technology as call waiting modems.  Normally these ship with software that would tell you someone is calling and using caller ID technology you can decide whether you want to talk to the person, call them back later, or simply ignore them and hopefully they will stop calling you.
     Basically it puts your internet connection on hold when another call comes in so you can use the line but not simultaneously.  It is like having two lines that people can call in and reach you on one phone in the house.  It will work with both but not doing all the jobs of both at the same time.  Understand?
Although I haven't seen the Specs on the "Line Wizard" I suspect It's similar to a product called "The Stick".  This device allows you to plug your phone line into this device and it will automatically determine whether the INCOMING call is a voice call, a modem call, or a fax call. It doesn't do anything but direct the incoming ringing call to the appropriate device. Putting in call waiting will only complicate your system as the beep tones that come across your line when someone calls you when your talking on the phone, will interfere with your modem call to the internet - most times it will knock the call off or at the least - will cause your connection to lock up.

Your only options are

1. Second Phone Line
2. DSL connection if it's avaialable.
3. Cable modem if it's available.

Our local telephone company here in Alberta Canada has a special service that let's you run a special program in the background  that activates when a call comes in while you are on the internet. You have to subscribe to their special software and voice-mail and several other optional services. You can only use it if you choose them as your ISP.  

By the time you finish paying for all these extras - you could have a second phone line installed.

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