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Modem driver installation in Windows 2000

glomerulus asked
I am having problems getting a DRIVER TO WORK for my modem, make FB PCTEL AMR after installing WINDOWS 2000 professional. The model i think is called hsp56mr

i get a message that the software for my modem lacks a "microsoft signature". I tried installing the driver regardless..and it destroyed the whole computer. I couldnt even run it. And so I have had to reinstall windows 2000 again on that computer.

I was NOT having any problems with the modem when using windows 98.

Can someone help me find the right software for my modem?


ps...i got my computer off of ebay..its specs are here:


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It's probably easier finding the right modem for your software.
Well I had a similar problem long time ago... the modem that you are specifying called HSP56.... is an internal soft modem.. That means it is not a perfect modem.
I have 98 and 2000 pro and 98 works fine with this modem because it came with a software to configure it..
but when trying to install in 2000, had problems related to COM port.. then on of the experts here said that it is a soft modem that requires a software to creat a COM port for it and use then.
I hope i m making myself clear enough..
So then try to get the software for it.. that is the best solution...
I have installed the 98 ver software for the modem.. and it has installed without any problems, although i havent checked if it is working or not..

Hope this helps a little.
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You can also try the NT4 drivers, but I agree with Portang, easier to get a modem supported by w2k.w2k has driver signing, it means the drivers have been tested by M$, and passed and are aproved to work in w2k.Remember w2k will not let programs access the hardware directly, it has to go through the HAL (hardware access leayer). 98 does not have this limitation

Agree with steven.

We don't have too many option to choose an OS. But there are hundreds of modems available.


thanks all got it to work with an updated windows 2000 driver..even though before installing it..i got a warning that it doesnt have MS signature and that installing can make system unstable...thank goodness with this newer driver that didnt happen.

Here's a couple of links to sites where you can find the driver you need:


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