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video card drivers for DirectX8a

fastcpu asked
I would appreciate help on the following issue if anyone could assist. I have an STB Velocity 4400 video card running with Windows 98se. Since installing Directx8a, I`ve found that I`ve had to disable "Direct Draw Acceleration" in order for most applications to work, or the system freezes. The current driver set that I have consists of 10 files in the range V128ii...version These are the original ones and still work ok, but only with the acceleration function disabled. The only drivers I`ve found are earlier versions. Does any one know of any suitable ones, which support DirectX8a, perhaps from 3dfx (who bought STB) ? Thanks very much - fastcpu
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Not sure, but try:

  http://zoiah.m3dzone.com/ (go Files > Videocards)

for drivers, or try GL Setup, which should go find a driver for you (http://www.glsetup.com/).

Good luck.

That was one of the first cards I ever used when building systems.  This card is one of the first to use the nvidia TNT chipset.  STB was bought by 3dfx and now the drivers are nowhere to be found for these older products.  Anyway, the drivers from this page should definitely work for you.  If you need help let us know.  I think they will walk you through updating them on this site so hopefully this will do it.

You can get specific 4400 drivers here but I cannot verify they work with direct X 8.
Since they are updated more often, nVidia's reference drivers usually perform better than the individual card manufacturer's drivers.

Looks like m3d is down at the moment, but Reactor Critical has all nVidia's reference drivers - v21.81 is the latest official release (it's called Detonator XP, but that's just a name - there is a Win9x version).


Thanks d hall, for the Reactor Critical URL, which has a good range of drivers and the version set which worked was
v14.70, which I downloaded from that site and installed. Many thanks also to the other folk who offered suggestions,
regards - fastcpu.

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