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Can't load movie on Delphi form. MCI device not loaded

When trying to run a form during design time with movie control on the form, it gives the MCI device not loaded error. What do we do?
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Mohammed NasmanSoftware Developer

it is probably that you do not have the proper codecs on your system for the file format that you are trying to play. The Delphi Mediaplayer component uses the codecs which are available on the current system. For example, on my laptop (which has a DVD player), I can, and in fact s have, written a DVD player in Delphi using the MediaPlayer component. That same EXE will not work on my desktop however because I do not have a DVD player installed. Installing a DVD player (with the proper codecs) and viola! It works. This is the cae with other formats as well, ASF,MPG,MP3 etc, etc...

Good luck!!

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