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Easy - max records in 2000 vs xp

Peppermint asked
What's the maximum records you can have in a table in Access2000 and AccessXP?
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From what I recall, there is no max number of records in 2K, only a file size limit of 2 gig?  Don't know about XP but I would suspect that it would be limited by size rather than record numbers as well.

From 2000 Help:

Microsoft Access database general specifications
Attribute Maximum
Microsoft Access database (.mdb) file size 2 gigabytes. However, because your database can include linked tables in other files, its total size is limited only by available storage capacity.
Number of objects in a database 32,768
Modules (including forms and reports with the HasModule property set to True) 1,000
Number of characters in an object name 64
Number of characters in a password 14
Number of characters in a user name or group name 20
Number of concurrent users 255


I thought that Access2000 had a million record limit, is that true?


The reason that I'm asking is I have a flat file of 1.5 million users to import and analyze and was wondering if I could use either Access 2000 or Access XP.  My understanding is Access 2000 has a limit of a  million records.
Of course you can use more than milion(s) of records in Access2K. if there is a limit any way, we will speak about belion(s).


Indeed the size is only limited on 2Gb, but you can always use linked tables, making it possible to have any size you need...

Your main problem will probably be the processing speed...
If you need complex queries, it might be better to switch to MS-SQL or MySQL (free!).

I have to agree with Nic.

I like MySQL.  There are versions for both Win and Linux.  You can also link to it with Access.  Using passthru queries you can let the Database engine do all the query work and use access as a front end or for reporting.  And it is free.



Thank you all for the helpful information!


Thank you all for the helpful information.

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