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Visual Basic Runtime Files

I have created a visual basic project and burned it to a cd.  I want to be able to autoplay the .exe, but need ensure the client computer has the vb runtime files.  Is there anyway to check for the vb6 runtime files and if not present, to copy them?
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The visual basic runtimes are always transferred providing that you use a package and deployment program to create an install program. There are several different one's available, depending on your version of vb you may find that you have one already.
if all you're worried about is that the autoplay program will run ok, just copy the runtime files in the directory with your autoplay program.
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Hi joe_kosh,

Are the autorun exe is compiled with VB?

To copy the runtime file from system, how about this:

Create a .bat file

@echo off
copy MSVBVM60.DLL C:\Winnt\system32\MSVBVM60.DLL
regsvr32 C:\Winnt\system32\MSVBVM60.DLL

(C:\Winnt\system32 should be your System folder)
Win9x normally is C:\windows\system

And to create an Autorun CD:

In your CD, create an INF file named "AUTORUN",

put the code like this:


setup.exe is the Setup file for your program.

A VB program/ application will always check its directory for the Runtime Files before go to the System folder. So, maybe just have a copy of VB RuntimeFile in the CD , along with the setup.exe (may create in VB), so that it will run properly.

TimCotteeHead of Software Services

Another alternative, though not free is the fusion product from http://www.bit-arts.com/fusion which will encapsulate the required runtime files and dynamically extract and register them when required as the exe is launched. This is ideal for these situations and whilst I have never used it myself it has proved useful for others in exactly the same situations.
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