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i need 99.999999 percent uptime on a fast server.

sdieken asked
please tell me about server clusters and most reliable platforms and any specific hosting company recomendations.

i am willing to spend up to $1000 a month as long as i can host several domains on that server.
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Have you checked these sites for ratings on hosting companies?




For high availability almost in a box, consider the Compaq CL380, it has two nodes (servers) and a shared disk array. Using Win2k advanced server and IIS 5 you can achieve 5 nines availability.

Chris Bacon


who offers these types of servers?
can i get a url of a web site that is hosted on one?

check out my website www.carmachine.com
it has been down for over a week now and the hosting company doesn't really care.
For more information on the Compaq Proliant CL380 go to:
You can also buy online.
We developed the shopping cart for www.oup.co.uk which is hosted on a CL380. My company Commerce NTI offer hosting and we do care, but we concentrate on hosting e-commerce platforms and sites.


i guess i am acutually looking for two seperate servers.
that back each other up not one server that acts like two.
i would even like to go as far as having the servers hosted in seperate areas of the country like one on the east cost and one on the west coast.
Are you looking for NT or Unix hosting ?


unix is more reliable and faster from my understanding so that is what i want`

Have a look at unlimitedhostingplans.com, there you will find plans which will definately suit your needs, you then can also have additional domains added(by only one single username), also if you need something really good, then you can buy one of their gold packages.
Good Luck,


i went with interland's top dedicated plan with dual processors and dual scsi drives.  i am hoping for the best
i would hate to see one of my 29 dollars a month plan running faster and with less downtime then my dedicated server

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