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scrolling down page with links

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Last Modified: 2013-12-16
I am needing to scroll down the page via links, and it works fine in IE: but does not work in Netscape. Could someone look at the following code and see if something is wrong? Here is a snippet of code. PS I have to use double ## because of using coldfusion.

1.  &nbsp;&nbsp;<A HREF="##Section1" class="leftLinks">Warranty registration process</a><br>
                                                  2.     &nbsp;&nbsp;<A HREF="##Section2" class="leftLinks">Terms and proof of ownership</a><br>
                                                  3.     &nbsp;&nbsp;<A HREF="##Section3" class="leftLinks">covered equiptment</a><br>
                                                  4.     &nbsp;&nbsp;<A HREF="##Section4" class="leftLinks">Services provided</a><br>
                                                  5.     &nbsp;&nbsp;<A HREF="##Section5" class="leftLinks">Carry-In Service</a><br>
                                                  6.     &nbsp;&nbsp;<A HREF="##Section6" class="leftLinks">Data file back-up</a><br>
                                                  7.     &nbsp;&nbsp;<A HREF="##Section7" class="leftLinks">Power of discretion</a><br>
                                                  8.     &nbsp;&nbsp;<A HREF="##Section8" class="leftLinks">Your responsibility for defective part/s</a><BR>
                                                  9.     &nbsp;&nbsp;<A HREF="##Section9" class="leftLinks">Exclusions</a><BR>
                                                  10.     <A HREF="##Section10" class="leftLinks">Additional charges</a><br>
                                                  11.     <A HREF="##Section11" class="leftLinks">Cancellation & service suspension</a><br>
                                                  12.     <A HREF="##Section12" class="leftLinks">Limitation of liability</a><br>
                                                  13.     <A HREF="##Section13" class="leftLinks">Subcontract</a><br>
                                                  14.     <A HREF="##Section14" class="leftLinks">General</a><br>
<P><A HREF="##top"><img src="/_images/arrow_up.gif" align="left" border="0" alt="Top"></A><STRONG><A NAME="section1">Warranty</A> registration process:</STRONG><BR>
  You must complete the Activation Form and submit it within 10 days of your purchase
  to register and validate this service as the owner of the covered equipment.
  Please make sure to enter the purchase date on your original invoice as the
  proof of purchase. Once registered, this is Non-transferable, and cannot be
  used in conjunction with any other equipment, other than that stated on Carnivore
  PC original invoice.</P>
<P><A HREF="##top"><img src="/_images/arrow_up.gif" align="left" border="0" alt="Top"></A><STRONG><A NAME="section2">Terms</A> & proof of ownership:</STRONG><BR>
  The service effective date is the date of the original invoice from Carnivore
  PC. The termination date is 12 months from the effective date. Retain your Service
  Number and the original invoice for future on-site service reference.</P>
<P><A HREF="##top"><img src="/_images/arrow_up.gif" align="left" border="0" alt="Top"></A><STRONG><A NAME="section3">Covered</A> equiptment:</STRONG><BR>
  Covered equipment is listed on the original Carnivore PC's Invoice, and does
  not include any external devices, unless so specified. Please see <I>Exclusions</I>


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William FulksIT Services Analyst

Your problem is the double ## that you use.  Just use one, and manually do it instead of letting ColdFusion do it for you.


I cannot do that, you have to escape the # in coldfusion with double # or you get a coldfusion error.


I doubt that... it's not in any CF tag. Actually, I don't see ANY CF tags there... Unless this is an actual CFM file, there's no reason to use any CF conventions.


What do you doubt? The above code is encapsulated in <CFOUTPUT> tags, I just did not post the entire page. Yes this is a .cfm



P.S I just removed one of the # off one of the links and relocated my <CFOUTPUT> tags and it still does not work in Netscape

Located the error. The name is case-sensitive in NS

Change <A NAME="section1"> to <A NAME="Section1">

and your problems should go away !


Very good. I had just figured that out myself. I appreciate you looking at the entire picture.


No problems, I'm here to help!  :)

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