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printing cheques in Excel?

mhdhallak asked
what's the best way to print to standard-size cheque???
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Best way?
Meaning lining up the output to fit the check?
Meaning how to run the check thru the printer?

Standard size?
Meaning standard personal check?
Meaning standard business check?

hi mhdhallak,

Excel does not have a neat way to control exact printout.

A technique that works for me on my own printer is to have one Excel sheet for a printout sheet. Put your desired printout on that sheet and then adjust rows and columns so it prints out exactly where you wish. You can have different printout sheets ...one for checks, one for standard invoices etc.

I bet that the next version of Excel will correct this problem and provide much more printout control.

You can use Word as an object for Excel and then use Word
to print your checks etc.


I you mean how to convert the numbers to text, see

It works for Excel 97 too, and should work for Excel 95.


ok guys... sorry i was little vague in presenting my problem...

i've been trying to print cheque information to a busines standard sized cheque... i already did what leoil has suggested.. and i even did it programattically. but the thing with printing cheques (or any other types of unique documents) is that there are so many factors involved that can change the output and should be taken into consideration. just to name some of them: u have the page setup, the way u feed the printer with the ur cheques, the way u actually put the text boxes on the sheet so that they hopefully get printed in the precise postion, and so on.

i'm so confused ... and i gotta get it right coz i have been working so hard on the hard-coding part and i just have to align the text boxes right and get the requried output.

so if any of you have done some thing very similar before, could u please provide me with detailed instruction on how to get this job done.

Note that i'm using HP 1220printer... (by the way, there is a drawback in this printer's software in the sense that its custome paper options don't allow for defining custom paper sizes (as in the size of a cheque) and that's what's making it more difficult coz excel itself also doesn't allow that too.


and oh yes, as for spelling out the numerical values into textual values, i already coded that. i couldn't have used the code in the link which cri gave me (even though it's very useful) coz i'm doing it in different language.

so thank you cri anyway


mhdhallak, you only need to change the denominator words and the currency, not the methods and functions.

I would import the data into Access and design an access report for printing the checks.  I think this is  a simple case of using the wrong app for the project.  Using the function listed above in a query you can easily create the output data for a report that is set up to print like a check.  ......If you wanted to get real fancy you can even use MICR toner to print the bank routing info at the bottom of the checks so that you will only have to buy blank check stock rather than the more expensive pre-printed checks.

If you are trying to print checks from one of the supported pieces of software listed on their site I would also suggest looking at www.checkfactory.com



this is the solution i've gone for. it took me a while, thought, to get the fields textboxes in the right position. but it worked at last. thanks leo

your welcome....many thanks... :)

to repeat...i think later versions of Excel will
provide much better printer control.