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Unable to install local printer.  RPC server problem.

cummingsdw asked
NT4.0 workstation.  SP6.

HP LJ4 on LPT1.  Was working.

Suddenly there is no printer.  

Went into printer setup and found no local printers.  Clicked on AddPrinter and receive this pop-up box:

"Operation could not be completed.  The RPC server is unavailable."

RPC Service, Server Service, Workstation Service, all automatic and started.  RPC Locator Service is on manual and not started.

I suspect that if I do an NT repair and a re-apply SP6  (or maybe even re-apply SP6 without the repair) the problem will be fixed.

But I want more than that.  I would like to understand what is broken.

Does anybody know what is going on here?
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Is your spooler service started

check out the following link


You are sooooooooo right!

I found the spooler service on Automatic but not-started.

As soon as I started it, the local printer reappeared in the printer settings folder, and some previously ordered print-jobs completed.


PS:  Any theories on why the spooler service would stop.

no idea but it has happened to me before

Is the computer part of a network and if so, are there network printers that this pc maps too ? If so, then the driver on the print server is not updated and it causes the spooler service to shut down and I believe that is why the RPC keeps getting stopped not allowing the local printer to register.

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