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printing on sol 8 to jet direct box

paulmitch asked

Can anyone provide step by step instructions to setting up printing from a solaris 8 machine to an epson stylus 760 on a jet direct box, model j2382 external.

I tried doind local printing from my parallel port (ultra 10) but had no joy.  I know both the printer and jet direct box work - I can print from a win2k box.


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Hi  paulmitch,

     Here's what you need to do:
    1. telnet to the jet direct box ( I assume that you know the IP of the box, otherwise, you need to find it out).
   type in:/
   to verify the printer settings.  (write done the host name, if you don't        like to print banner page, disable it )

    2.edit your /etc/hosts file, to add the printer infor to the file, just treat it as an UNIX box in your network ( you can give the printer  server a good name, eg photocopy-rm, as long as you put the correct  IP in the file)
   3. run "admintool" --> Browse -->printer --> edit -->add --> Access to printer

   to fill in all the details about your printer.






OK, the j2382 does not run a telnet deamon, but it is getting it's IP addr from a dhcp server, and it is registered in my dns server.

Also, Solaris doesn't have support out of the box for my epson 760 printer.



Hi paulmitch,

     You don't need to use telnet to access to the Jet direct box (it use
TCP/IP) the reason I ask him to telnet to the Jet direct box is to verify the printer setting.

    On the Solaris site, all he has to worry about is the IP of the Jet direct box, and creat a queu to point to the Jet Direct box, the printer server (Jet direct box) handling the printing Job. The printer server need
to have a stable IP add for the Solaris box to access to it. If the DNS working ok, he can use the fully qualified name of the printer server instead of the real IP. And he don't need to edit the /etc/hosts file.




Thanks Yush,

Yeap - but how do I set up the print filter if one doesn't exist for the epson 760?

Any ideas?


Hi paulmitch,

   You don't need to worry about what type of printer it is on the Solaris box, because you are accessing to a REMOTE printer. The printer server (Jet direct should be able to handle the printing request from its client).

   When you add a remote printer with admintool, all you need is specify the Server name (Full Name including domain name or use IP) and the name of the printer (printer queu name - you can it what ever you like in this case)
   Just give it a try.

  Good luck!
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Well, to do much of anything useful with your Stylus 760 you are going to want to set up Ghostscript as a print filter. Some notes on the Stylus 760  can be found at http://www.linuxprinting.org/show_printer.cgi?recnum=96288 

Once you have Ghostscript running properly and converting Postscript to data that the 760m understands you can set up Solaris to use GS as a print filter and ship the data out to the JetDirect box. The following is a set of notes that I use when setting up Solaris printers. They're a bit terse, but I think they are complete enough to be useful:

1) For what follows to work you have to have a terminfo description
that's only used for this particular printer make/model. You can set up
multiple printers, but all that are of this type will use the
ghostscript PS converter. I create fake entries from the PS terminfo
data, like so:

levie> infocmp PS >hps2

levie> cat hps2
#     Reconstructed via infocmp from file: /usr/share/lib/terminfo/P/PS
PS|PSR|PS-b|PS-r|PS-br|Fake PostScript entry,
        cols#80, lines#66,
        cpi=null, csnm=^D, lpi=null, scs=^D, slines=^D, u9=^D,

Change the second line to be:

hps2|Fake PostScript entry,

then, as root, create the terminfo entry:

root> tic hps2

2) Set up a print filter that will convert postscript to printer data
for all printers designated to be of type "hps2". Note: the "Command:"
must be one line, it's broken here 'cause mailers will wrap it.

e.g. /etc/lp/fd/hps2.fd

# postscript to pcl filter a LaserJet Series II
Input types: postscript, ps
Output types: any
Printer types: hps2
Printers: any
Filter type: slow
Command: /usr/local/bin/gs -sDEVICE=laserjet -q -dNOPAUSE \
-sOutputFile=- - quit.ps

and add the filter:

root> lpfilter -f hps2 -F /etc/lp/fd/hps2

3) Create a spool "prt", either for a direct connection:

root> lpadmin -p prt -T hps2 -I postscript -F continue -o nobanner \
>-h -m standard -v /dev/bpp0 -D "LaserJet Series II"

or for a networked printer:

root> lpadmin -p prt -T hplaser -I postscript -F continue -o nobanner \
> -h -v /dev/null -m netstandard -o dest=printer.on.net \
> -o protocol=bsd -D "LaserJet"

4) I normally disable banner page printing by editing the interface
file, /etc/lp/interfaces/prt in this example, and change "nobanner=no"
to "nobanner=yes".

5) Enable printing
root> enable prt
root> accept prt


Or you can download a2ps program for your Solaris box, this will allow the user convert a text file to postscript and then print to the remote printer.
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Why would you want a2ps? Solaris already has print filters that will convert ascii to postscript. What it dosn't have is anything that will convert postscript to something that the Stylus 760 can print. If you don't set up Ghostscript to convert postscript to what the 760 understands all you'd be able to print with that printer would be simple ascii. And since most things on Solaris, Unix, or Linux expect a postscript printer I dont see where simply sending the ascii to the printer would be of much use.
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