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Shut Down problem

PUB_UL asked
  when i shut down, i got the message It is now safe to turn off your computer. The problem is when i push on the power button, it doesn't power down. I need to power down by power supply switch or push on reset and after push on the Power button... i have applied both service pack for win2k and still doesn't work.

I got some other problem. Some programs i'm trying to install stop after the Install Shields got 100% before the setup begin. Someone got this problem? I have installed Office 97 Pro and i tried be removing it but it doesn't solve my problem. Can it has a link between my shut down problem and that one?

By the way, progz that do that are Winfax Pro and Acrobat Reader 5... but i was able to install Acrobat Reader 3.01 :-)

Thx in advance.
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try holding in the power button for 8 seconds
to powerdown on shutdown (automatically)
did you enable it from the APM applet in the control panel?

You have an ATX power supply. This means when pushing the powerbutton is not pushing an on/off butto, but only telling the motherboard the PC should turn off by shortcutting a jumper.

Now, this option has the advantage you can turn off the computer by software i.e. Windows can turn off the PC.
Before Windows can do so, your bios must be told this function te be enabled.

Jump to your Bios (normally it is done by pressing the <del> key, directly after booting the PC (you should see the message).

In the BIOS menu you see, you should find an option power-settings (this can vary for the Bios versions and vendors).

In this menu, you see power managment. This should be enabled (typically user-define).

Other options can be set as you like them (power down harddisk after xxx minutes, ...)

After setting the Bios, ypu can check as stated by stevenlewis the APM (Advanced Power Managment) in the control panel of Windows. It should be on, and can only work if the bios is set properly.

As for your InstallShield problem, I think you're just being a little impatient. I've noticed that InstallShield will often stick for a minute or more at 99% before launching the main installer, but if you just wait it'll eventually come back.


Thanks for your idea about the shut down, i'm gonna try them and let you know.

About the InstallShield, i have waited more than 5 minutes and when i make CRTL-ALT-DEL and go to task manager, nothing was running so...

I'm gonna try it again, but don't think it's because i'm impatient hehe


Are you running win2000?

Never Mind, I just reread the question. About your shutdown problem I had the same one recently. I went into the control panel and enable APM. This is in you power options.

Sometimes you need to do a BIOS flash or upgrade to get past this issue (then follow the above of enable APM in BIOS and then enable in Power applet in control panel.)
What BIOS version and mobo do you have?
For shutting down problem.

Start -> Settings -> control pannel -> power options -> APM and check "Enable advanced power management support"
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