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Windows ME Networking

kawed asked
I have a new problem on my hands. I recently purchased a new laptop computer. It is an HP Pavilion N5450. It uses Windows ME for and OS. I purchased it to replace an NEC laptop 6060. I had the NEC  (Win 98SE OS) networked to my other computer at home a HP Pavilion Desktop which has windows ME OS.

My difficulty is that I can't get the two Pavilion computers to see each other in Network Places. I have set the network settings in the new Pavilion laptop identical to the NEC laptop. When I connect the NEC laptop to the HP Pavilion Desktop, the network works fine.

The only way I can get the pavilion laptop to see the desktop is to either use the search feature or map the drive.

Some help solving this problem would be sincerely appreciated.

My network settings I was using to connect the computers (and worked fine with the NEC / HP desktop are as follows:

Client for Microsoft networks (using windows logon)
TCP/IP lan adapter
TCP/IP dialup adapter
Netbeui lan adapter
File and Print sharing
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what does ipconfig /all show on the ME box
if the ip address is 169.254.x.x then it is trying to get an ip address from a dhcp server and one isn't being found
try setting static ip address on the ME box, make sure it is in the same subnet and a valid ip address for that subnet
can they ping each other?
can you do a search -->computer? and find each other
did you have a lmhosts file on the NEC box? if so add it to the ME box


Thanks for your prompt reply. Since the time I posted my question I ran the ME network troubleshooting wizard. It said that my problem exisited because the network name was already present.

I went into network properties and changed my identification name. I also deleted my pwl file in the windows folder. When I restart I log on to windows with the same name as I put in the network ID box. My computer won't recognize the networkuntil I dial into the internet. It asks for my user name and password. Once this is done, the network works fine.

I find this very puzzling. Does the Pavilion Desktop store any network information about the NEC laptop that is preventing  the Pavilion notebook from logging into the network. Please remeber that the NEC and Pavilion laptops are not connected to the network at the same time.

Also the LMhosts.sam file on the NEC computer is the same size as the LMhost.sam file on the Pavilion notebook.
>>When I restart I log on to windows with the same name as I put in the network ID box.

Use Client for Microsoft Networks as the primary logon type?  You're not actually logging into the network if your using window's login.  You're probably getting the Network Logon screen when you dial up.

>>Also the LMhosts.sam file on the NEC computer is the same size as the LMhost.sam file on the Pavilion

Thats because this is a sample LMHosts file.  If you see the LMHOSTS file without the sam extension, this is the one being used.
Drastic times call for drastic (maybe not appropriate) solutions.

I formatted the hard drive and reinstalled the OS. Set up the network and everything works fine.

Thanks to you both for your comments.
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