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Modem Install Problem

lllao asked
Either the times have passed me by or I have lost it.  Having trouble installing a USR 2977 OEM modem(supposedly a non-winmodem).  Bare System.  Just a video card.  First, the modem seems to produce an item called PCI Serial Controller in the Device Manager.  Win 98 doesn't recognize modem.  It didn't come with a driver disk so I just use USR 56k PCI FAx modem.  Installed driver, but gives an error when using the diagnostic.  Any ideas.  It is located at COM 2 IRQ 3.  No conflicts appera to be present.  Thanks.
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Use the links dill provided you can get them for your Specific OS.  The modem you installed drivers for is not your modem and is not recommended.  Follow Dills first link and download the appropriate driver for your OS.  Then in safe mode remove the device you installed using Windows provided drivers. Reboot, then when your system asks for the drivers, direct it to the one it should be using (the ones you downloaded) and all should be well.  Goodnight!

Your system may already hav a "COM 2" on the MB. Try disabling this in BIOS.

i agree with pbessman .best in my experince .if the modem is using PCl slot .it normally using the "com 3" or "com 5"
... is it ur modem is PnP???? but i belive now a day all using the PnP modem :) try check your BIOS set it to the PnP mode so then the OS can detect it :) try it maybe it ca help u ......or if u need a driver u can go to this web side www.drivershq.com nice try

the PCI serial controller you are seeing is actually a device called the modem enumerator. Once the correct driver for that device is installed it will auto detect the modem.


This was the key to the whole thing, so you get the points. When this popped up upon startup, this was telling you modem not controller.  I put the drivers in at this junction and everything worked.  Thanks.

Glad to have helped



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