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Problem with rst.AddNew

ProfJames asked
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Last Modified: 2008-03-10

I would appreciate some help with this problem, pls!

I have code which adds a new record to a recordset and it is wrapped up in a loop.

I know the code I've got works (of a sort) as the first record always gets inserted but none of the rest of the records do. I was wondering if you can insert more than 1 record at a time, tho it seems daft to me that you cant.

My code is as follows:

set rst = createobject("ADODB.Recordset")
rst.Open "[Project Countries]", cnnSearch, 2,3, 2
For i=1 to 2
rst("Code") = 99999
rst("CreateID") = "hjames"
rst("Country") = request.form("Country")
response.write rst("ID")
set rst = nothing

ID is an autonumber field and it returns an ID for both sets of records so when it does that I assume it has inserted the second record but when I look in the table it isnt there and yet when I try inserting another records the one that gets inserted this time has the correct ID number, ie 1 more than the record that didnt get inserted, if you see what I mean. so I know it gets inserted at some point but then its almost like its deleted straight away and I dont understand why.

Any help greatly appreciated!!

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Bob ButcheriSeries Engineer

by chance is there a primary key in one of those fields that you are entering the same data in?


my primary key field is the ID autonumber field so there shouldn't be any entering of the same data.
As an idea try;

for i=1 to 2
CnnSearch.Execute "INSERT INTO [project Countries](Code, CreateID, Country) VALUES (99999, 'hjames','" & Request("Country")

Also have you put 'On Error Resume Next' anywhere, this would bypass any errors that might be occuring.

Best of luck



you are so right! I had put on error resume next and Id completely forgotten! - it just gets pasted in automatically with my db connection code and I always forget its there!

I checked for an error and I did have one which I can now correct, thanks for you help!


Your welcome

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