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I've never used interdev to develop any applications i've written and i don't ever intend to, however what would be handy if i could use it to debug my applications.

In the most simplistic terms, how do i use interdev to debug my asp pages (individually)???

When i open VInterdev it seems to want to create a project and redundent files and connect to my web server. I don't want to do that.

Ideally i want to : Open file > set breakpoint > run file > Step through code.

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not an answer, just a comment.

I don't use Interdev.
For debugging I use Response.write to display values in the browser.
ASP pages are usually quite short, if they get too long, I write functions. Be sure that one page never does more then just one thing (I hate asp-pages that are posted to itself, using IFs and CASEs, you can build basically all application within a single ASP page, but the code is sooo unreadable and it costs a lot of performance to compile the complete code every time, even when only a small part of the code is actually being used).

If a page just one thing, then it is easy to debug and you don't need more then Response.write.

Although, I have some quite complicated functions. Those larger functions have *always* debugging code build in, which displays if Session("debug") is True.


Yes, this is how i work at the moment, but it would be handy to be able to interegate variables on the fly sometimes.
Well, if you write serious asp code you'll want to be able to debug it in a full debugger envrionment.

To do this easily in InterDev, you will have to do a few things (that it sounds like you don't want to do).  First, you want to be on a 2K/NT computer, not W9x.  Install the InterDev Server code and the InterDev Script Debugger.  Set the dcom permissions as described in the MS documentation.  Setup a local project on your local web server with the pages you are working with.  Open the project properties and set as the startup project.  Open a page and set a breakpoint.  Choose a page and set it as the start page.  Press F5.

Debugging off a remote server is a pretty tricky setup that I haven't had much success with.  Debugging on my local W2K computer is a breeze.

Search the MS Knowledge base for InterDev debugging information.  There are some in-depth articles on setting up debugging.

Good MSDN article is "Microsoft Visual InterDev 6.0 Debugging" -

42 printed pages.


Yep worked.


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