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Designer question, how do I 'draw' information into fields based on what is chosen to populate field A

Paulette asked
I have a designer question, and I will admit I am very new to design so am hoping for assistance from you, the experts!

We have a help-desk type application that we run in Notes, where a call is logged to the database, the problem entered, the call assigned a number, etc.  All of this works well.

What we are looking for is the following
The person entering the call specifies the 'requestor name' which is entered into the field through an editable dialog list.  The dialog list uses the Address dialog for choices, the address dialog being populated by a Phone list created by our company (a Personal address book v4 template was used).  

After the 'requestor name' is filled in, it is also necessary to supply their phone number, division and location.  All of this information can be found in the Phone list, and what we are hoping to do is populate the phone number, division and location fields with the information corresponding to the requestor name in the Phone list.

Is this possible?  If so, how would it be done?

Any help immensely appreciated
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Yes it is possible.

use dblookup for looking up the document corresponding to the username

First of all design a view with first col , the person name and second col with concatenated info about phone + div + loc with a delimiter (say ; Y)

so your view (say; lookup ) looks like this

name1       1234Y0AYUSA
name2       1234Y0AYUK

Something like that

In the input validation of requestor name field have this.

lkupVal := @dblookup("":"NoCache"; Server:File; "lookup"; requestorName; 2);
Field phone := @word(lkupVal;"Y";1);
Field div := @word(lkupVal;"Y";2);
Field loc := @word(lkupVal;"Y";3);

Hope it is clear


Into this RequestorFullName field you can place the code to fill also this other three fields at InputTranslation event. But the formula is different depending on wether this telefon.nsf is also your DominoDirectory (NAB) and wether you use R5 or R4.X
Please state this two infos for detailed formula.

Also give the four field names in yout ticket form and in person document in telefon.nsf



have not seen Heman's post before my submit. Please use his proposal.

(Heman, do you know the Y2K joke? ;-))
Nope !

What is it ?


Excellent input Hemantha, but, dumb beginner question here

How do I concatenate the phone/division/department in my view?


Excellent input Hemantha, but, dumb beginner question here

How do I concatenate the phone/division/department in my view?

To Heman: Y2K problem;
Feedback from Banagalore Y2K project team to the Orderers:
We are proud to announce that we have finished the Y2K project in time and budget; all chars Y are translated to K, like: Mondak, Tuesdak, and so on. But wath shell we do with this year number 99 in the date?
That is hilarious , Zvonko !

Paulette, In the column formula use formula like this, Phone + "Y" + DIV + "Y" + Dept

Y(Yen) - is a special char which is displayed as Y(wy) obtained by ALT + 157 on keyboard


Thanks for the help again Hemantha

Now when I try to use the form I am getting the 'famous'

Field "ReqbyPhone" Incorrect data type for operator or @Function.  Number expected.

I am beginning to dread working on this form as it is NOT playing very nicely.

Any further help much appreciated :)
The returned datatype doesn't match to that of the field datatype. You might have to convert to the field's data type before assigning it.


Field phone := @textToNumber(@word(lkupVal;"Y";1));

Ok Heman, tell me the same joke for Japanese :-))

(by the way: I am Makedonian <|;-))
Not sure Zvonko.

it's ok...

Hello Paulette,

have you forgotten to give this points (and a grading A+ ;-) to Heman?


I have a 'small' explanation, which I feel due, to add to my marking of this question...

I have had excellent results getting answers when posting on ee, but have had sooo many problems getting logged in.... I don't know if the problem is specific to my or my network setup, but it does become very frustrating....

Anyway, I have to raise my glass to you experts one and all....thanks for all your knowledge which you share very freely.....and accept my apology for the delay in the rewarding of marks.....I am extremely red faced now ....

Your are not alone with this EE problems in last time.
We all hope it will get as stabile as it was in former times.

I hope your red face is as funny as my comments intended to be <|:-)

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