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Installing Oracle 8.1.7 and developer 6


I wish to install oracle 8i enterprise edition (8.1.6) and oracle
developer 2000 6i in my personal computer on windows 2000 O/S.
As per the guidelines I cannot install multiple oracle products
in the same oracle home. If i install oracle 8i first it works fine
but when i install d2k during installation it gives a message that
installation is possible only if the BIN entry for oracle 8i home in
the PATH (registry entry change) is removed and the BIN entry for d2k
home is entered (i.e. BIN entry for oracle 8i is REPLACED with the
BIN entry for d2k in the PATH )
If i go ahead then i can use d2k but not oracle 8i.

now, how to make both oracle 8i and d2k 6i work simultaneously?
please help me by providing solution in detail.

Hope you understand the problem and help me.

please help me immediately

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The order you install them is critical.  D2K must be installed into the default Oracle home.  Remember when done to set TNS_ADMIN so that the two homes can share the same Net config files.
First install the Developer/2000 in your machine.
It shoud go to orant/bin,

Then install The database, when installing the database change the Horacle Home, for something like bin2, or dbbin.

That shoud do the trick.
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Install Oracle 8i. After that when installing Developer 2000 declare another Oracle Home (different from that for Oracle 8i) and point to a existing directory for that home.

After that you should establish the connection between Oracle Server <---> Developer 6i:
Oracle Developer6i and the Oracle8i database require separate Oracle home directories.
Even if you configure SQL*net (Net8) in the Oracle home that your database Oracle server uses, so that you can connect via SQL*Plus, that does not allow Developer2000 to connectsuccessfuly to the Oracle server.  You also need to configure SQL*Net (in tnsnames.ora file) in the
Oracle home for Developer2000.  You can do that either using the GUI tools, or to copy two files:
sqlnet.ora and tnsnames.ora from your 8i Oracle home to your Developer2000 Oracle home.  In your 8i
Oracle home these files are in: \Network\admin, but in your Developer2000 home they are in: \Net80\Admin. A safety measure is to save a copy of them first, before you make changes or copy other ones in. This is so because you have to keep a way for restoring the files if you make a mistake.
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