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Error 3050 Couldn't lock file on NT-Systems

VK asked
Hello Experts.

I'm getting the above Error when all of the
following cases are true:

1. The first exe (32bit,vb6) is running on a NT system.
   In this app i'm using DAO3.6 to access an Access 2.0
2. The 2nd exe (16 bit,vb3)is running on the same system
   In that app i'm using DAO 2.? to access the same Access 2.0 Database.
3. When the 2. app has updated a record in the database (which wasn't opened exclusively) the first app cannot open the same database.

>> The error doesn't occur on Win9.x systems! <<
SHARE.EXE isn't needed any more.

Tanks in advance.


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From MS Knowledge Base Q232390
To Share a Database in Access 2.0
NOTE: This example assumes that the workgroup information file is named Secure.mda.
Copy your database and your Secure.mda file to a network shared folder that has change permissions for the users (read, write, create).

Copy the C:\Windows\System\Msacc20.ini file (or the WinNT\System32\Msacc20.ini file for Windows NT) to a new file name, for example, MyDB.ini.

Open the new .ini file in any text editor, such as Notepad, and change the line that begins with SystemDB= to read as follows
SystemDB = \\srvr\fldr\Secure.mda
where \\srvr\fldr\Secure.mda is the UNC path to your custom workgroup information file.

Copy the new .ini file to the same server location as the database.

Create a program item or shortcut that includes the /ini command-line option, as in the following example
"c:\Access\msaccess.exe" "\\srvr\fldr\MyDB.mdb" /ini "\\srvr\fldr\MyDB.ini"
where \\srvr\fldr\MyDB.mdb is the universal naming convention (UNC) path to your shared database, and \\srvr\fldr\MyDB.ini is the UNC path to your custom .ini file.


Hello pkohlmil !

Sorry for the delay. The ee-server wasn't available for several days :-)

Ty for your effort. Meanwhile i solved the problem:

When the last 32-Bit app accessing the database was terminated all entries in the .ldb file were deleted.
After that no 32-Bit app could access the database (Error 3050). So i decided to make an (dummy) app which is startet at first and only opens the database and keeps it open until the last app is terminated.

I had no time and ability to test your comment (beacause ee wasn't available - nimda ?).

I give you the points because you were the only one who tried to help me :-)

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