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Automation: Switching Notes Replicas

fiqbal asked
Is there a way to automate the process of swithing replica's in Notes.  We are in the process of a move here and would like to automate this process.  That way our users will not have to go through all of there databases individually and do a switch replica.  
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Depends on if your users are using connection documents to access the server.  Also depends on what your switching.. mailfiles or databases, or both. I think.

Just a quick note about switching.. make sure the new server has same permissions as the old one, and that databases have an administration server assigned so that you can switch them. Also, you might need to check for roles, view and form permissions to make sure that the new server has the same rights..else, your replicas might be missing things the new server can't see.

Last time I went through this, there were a bunch of databases composed with views, and forms assigned to specific users rather than groups or roles, or the server wasn't assigned to the groups or roles and when it replicated to the new server, the views and forms disappeared. Was especially hard on forms with reader fields.

Can you give us more information?


Yep, Heman's link does the trick.



Thank You...

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