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Financial Problems at EE?

Kim Ryan
Kim Ryan asked
Was anyone aware of the problems EE is going through?

I was a bit surprised why the help desk support was getting bad, the abandoned answers werepiling up, no T-shirts etc. Didn't realise the situation was so bleak, sounds like they are close to liquidation.

So what will all the Perl experts do? I haven't found a site anywhere near as good as EE. Better start spending  unused question points.
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That explains a lot.  We should band together and find a place to continue these kinds of forums.  What will I do without the EE Perl Experts?...
What about the newsgroups?
I need a good newsgroup reader.  I don't like netscape and I dont want to use MS
Any suggesting and a slick newsgroup reader?

Kim RyanIT Consultant


I think they want to keep it going in a reduced form, and look into how much people are willing to pay for membership or buying question points.

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