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creating a rotating sphere and a text revolving around it

baiju asked
i want to create a sphere like a globe and want a text revolve around the sphere, similar to the one that we see in many TV channels.After creating this  I want to import the same into Powerpoint and it should appear in every slide of the power point in the right side top corner. Please give me step by step details of doing the same. First how to create it in Flash and then importing it to PowerPoint.
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Here is a tutorial which will help you exactly with what you want:

For the rotating planet effect, go here:

For importing into Powerpoint,
1. Create and save your movie in Flash as a .swf file. Take note of the path where you saved it.
2. In PowerPoint 97 or 2000, create a new slide.
3. From the VIEW menu, scroll down to TOOLBARS and choose VISUAL BASIC. From the Visual Basic Toolbar, click on the CONTROL TOOLBOX icon.
4. From the CONTROL TOOLBOX, select MORE CONTROLS icon.
5. From the scrolldown list, choose SHOCKWAVE FLASH OBJECT.
Your cursor will change to a cross hair cursor. Draw out a rectangle on your slide (size can be re-adjusted later).
6. Right click on the rectangle you just drew and choose PROPERTIES.
7. Under the Alphabetic tab, make the following changes:
LOOP - Change to FALSE (leave TRUE if you want movie to loop).
MOVIE - type in the absolute path of your file (c:\your_hard_drive/your_directory\movie_ name.swf)
8. Run slide show to see movie run. Make any size adjustments as necessary.

Hope this helps...

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