Problem related to "Unknown token received from SQL Server " ?

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My platform is SQL server 7.0

I execute a very long SQL statement and receive the
error :

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]
Unknown token received from SQL Server

When I made my SQL staement a little short
( by deleting some subquery from it ) then
it run without error

Is it a resource problem in SQL server
Can I solve this problem ??
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Couple of general suggestions --
* Apply SP3 to your SQL7 installation
* Try using "SET ANSI_WARNINGS ON" in your SQL Statement

If you post the query that does not work and the one that does, maybe we can provide some specific suggestions. HTH.
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i guess that you execute the statement using VB or C++ or whatever platform...
Try to insert some CRLF in your SQL statement, this should solve the problem:

instead of
SELECT <...........> FROM <..............> WHERE <..........>
do this:
SELECT <...........>
FROM <..............>
WHERE <..........>

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