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How to change a Fields Property?

mailtolek asked
Hi Experts,
   How to change a field property from "editable" to "computed" after the document saved?

   I'like to create a part of form which editable when it is a new document and read only after the document have been saved.

Thank you for you support
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This is what you should do.

1) Create a computed for display field, and in the value reference the editable field.
2) Hide the editable field with the formula !@isnewdoc.
3) Hide the computed when dispaly field with the formula @isnewdoc.

The above will make the editable field available for input when it is a new document and will hide it and display the computed when display field after saving.

Another way, If you are using the form on the web is that you can put  in the HTML attributes the formula @if(!@isnewdoc;"readonly";""), making the editable field readonly when it is not a new document.


Hi pcorreya,
   What about a screen display with your solution? Is there anything to do more to move a hidden field to another place and move a visible fields to replace them?

This is the solution that I use all the time. Do you want and .nsf file with a sample screen in it.


Hi pcorreya,
  Please send me an example to "mailtolek@thaimail.com"

Thank you
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