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Getting Handle

TAZI asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-03-17
Hi ...

How can I find the handle of applications that are open on the task bar. Delphi, Microsoft Query .... etc.

I know that for Microsoft Word you do the following:


For Microsoft Query what would I substitude for "OpusApp".

Thanks for your assistance in advance

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what you describe gives you the Window Handle, not the process handle... if you want the Window Handle, you'll have to either pass the ClassName of the window to FindWindow or the Caption. You can learn the ClassName by using WinSight. Alternatively, I have  demo application for my TWindowWorks component which will give you classname as well. If you are looking for the ProcessId, then you might want to take a look at my TEnumProcs component. Now, let's see.... did I miss any other shameless oppurtunities for self promotion?<g>


Good luck!!

Hi DrDelphi, have not seen you for a while...   :-)

TAZI, before I want to say more to this question, please specify which kind of handle you want to have. The window handle of the windows, which are represented by the taskbar buttons? Or the process handle of the processes, to which those windows belong?

Regards, Madshi.

*tips hat to Madshi*

listening :-)
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Hi ...

Thanks for your help ..

 ....~~~~~:)-> Thanks for returning and finalizing this. <=(:~~~~~~~....

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