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What is the diff between www and www2, www1

mchopda asked
We have come across websites which start with www1 and www2.  What's the the difference between www1, www2 and www.


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Let's say we have:




"mydomain.com" is called the "domain name".

The "www" and "www2" parts are called the host.

The best way to look at them is as different machines/servers.

"www" and "www2" are the names of each machine, and both machines are used under the domain name of "mydomain.com"

They are commonly used when there is so much traffic to a site that things are broken up and kept on different servers. It's just that two machines on the same domain cannot have the same name!

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Another approach is to host different applications on different servers.

for example ebay may host its listing cgi on cgi1.ebay.com and its bidding cgi on cgi2.ebay.com.  It may put its main page on www.ebay.com but locate its help on www2.ebay.com

They are "subdomains" of the main domain.  They can be on the same hardware or separate ones as Ant suggested above.

www is the computers name/alias on that domain name.


I have the domain name mydomain.ca.

That domain can be used for anything I want, email, ftp, www.

The first part http:// differentiates the protocol that you are speaking.
http is HypertText Transfer Protocol
ftp  is File Transfer Protocol

But what I was saying is www is just a computer name or alias.

I could have several computers all running webservers off the same domain of mydomain.ca

currently I have
www.mydomain.ca with ip
wit.mydomain.ca with ip
mib.mydomain.ca with ip

These basically are a way to differentiate all the computers on a domain.

These all could also be pointing to one computer but different websites that are running on that computer.

I could have a www website and a admin website and a staff website all running off the mydomain.ca server
but the computername/alias of www, admin, or staff redirects to the appropriate website on that computer.

This is all setup by the DNS server or in some cases the webserver can take care of this redirecting/aliasing
of computers.

Does this make any sense?  


what whit addresses like
(computer) (domain) (???) (TLD)


When 4 are used it typically reflects that its just an alias to another site on that computer or another computer alltogether but its related to the next segment...

Err...umm...what I am trying to say is this is all DNS related things.

The TLD and Domain MUST exist for it to be accessible on the internet.  Anything before that can be setup however you want according to how you setup your DNS records.

Does this make any sense?