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Program availability for multiple users

bwgerho asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-13
I am running W2000 workstation, stand alone; no network.  I installed a motherboard temperature monitoring program while logged in as ADMINISTRATOR.   When I log in as a user, or another user logs in, the error "access denied" appears because this temp. monitor program will not run for other id's.  How can I make this program available for all users??
I know I can install under each user, but is this the only way?
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The only way i know of is to put the other users in the adminstrators group


OK, but I set up the system with Users and Admin because not all the Users should be Admins - too many chances for a bad decision to crashe the machine.  
If I installed the appication as a User, would the Administrator group be able to use the program?   I could make the Admin group Users too.   Does the permission work backwards too?


Yes,but framkly,If these users can be in admin, then they shouldn't be goofing with that app.
You should probably get new fans and a larger case.
Kyle SchroederEndpoint Engineer

It seems to me that your problem isn't necessarily that other users can't run the program, but that the system won't give them the access to the hardware (or the driver) that is running to monitor the mobo temps.  What program are you using? MBM?  Vist http://mbm.livewiredev.com for more information and/or to download a new version.

I agree with  jwc02026. Rather that making them a member of the admin group, I think you can get away with putting them in the power users group. I think the program is trying to update the registry, and users don't have rights to that.


defore - Good comment, I think the user is really a power user but I will check.  
The mobo monitor is the program supplied by ASUS with the A7M266 board.  
As to allowing everyone to be Admin, when I run numerical programs and general work, I log in under a power user id. just because I do not need all the admin privladges and pitfalls.  I would like to see the temps running my long time (8-16 hr) numerical runs.  

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