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IE5.5 SP2 installed; Can't download files

borleymsgs asked
I have recently discovered that I cannot download files through IE5.5 SP2.  I recently installed this upgrade but cannot honestly say that the problem started immediately afterwards.  However, whenever I try to download files, an almost blank screen appears, with only a small icon in the upper LH corner--it has three colors to it, similar to the Windows colors, but it is not a Windows logo.  The page comes up immediately when trying to download, with a "DONE" message in the status bar.

I can download files through Netscape, so the problem is in IE.

I have heard that it can be risky to uninstall IE--it can totally screw up a PC.

Does anyone have any suggestions???

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The pages cannot be re-directed.

Go to the Internet Options, Advanced, Inspect if you've checked the box for
[x] Do not save encryoted pages to disk.

Unchecked it.
[ ] Do not save encryoted pages to disk.

Restart computer. Try download again.

See if it works or not.

Patricia / pslh

I am also trying to resolve this issue with IE 5.5 SP2. Although I dont believe the install caused the issue. I was receiving this error with IE5.5(I downloaded SP2 to try to resolve the issue). There is a workaround which has worked for me. Instead of (left) clicking on the download link , right click and choose the "save target as" option. This will allow the download to proceed.
It appears to be a registry setting but I have yet to find it.

dgomes30 has the right answer
There are many sites that have a download link that only works with
the right mouse click.
If you click on the link it sends a signal to the site to open the file instead of downloading it
which the site is not designed to do
resulting in the symbol described.
Generally this pertains to sites that have limited amount of space.
Other than that, the limitation may be in the internet options/content preferences.
Good luck.


Thanks for the posts.  I discovered the workaround, too.  But, there must be some fix.  I did not have to do that before SP2.  And I do not have to do it from other identical PC's, downloading identical files.  This evidently all changed on my PC when installing SP2.  

Although I can live with the problem, I would prefer to fix it.

BTW the files are not encrypted and "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" is not checked.

Try the Internet Explorer repair feature first. Go to Start>Settings>ControlPanel>Add/Remove Programs, scroll down until you see Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 & Internet Tools, click the Add/Remove button and select repair.

Then go to Windows Update and make sure you download the Critical Update package for your machine.



I tried the Internet repair feature as suggested, but I still have the same problem.  The idea sounded good, though!

Any other suggestions??

Can you give us an address of a page and the link you are referring to?



I am not sure I know what you are asking for.  

Any address that has a file download gives the error.  If I go to another PC on the same network, the download process works fine.

I continue to have the same problem also. I have tried everything that borelymsgs has and received the same results. The problem is isolated to one PC on the network.
The PC Im using is running Win98SE. The only thing I can add that may help is that before upgrading to IE5.5 SP2. The icon in the upper left corner would give an error message when right clicking on it(see below). After completing the upgrade no error messages are given. As borleymsgs stated this is on any download.  

Error msg:
"Error Locating Object Handler: There is no viewer available for the type of object you are trying to open."

Yes, proof that good info gives good results:

Error Locating Object Handler

The information in this article applies to:

Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 4.0, 4.01, 5 for Windows 95
Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 4.0, 4.01, 5 for Windows NT 4.0
Microsoft Windows 98
Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5 for Windows 98

IMPORTANT: This article contains information about editing the registry. Before you edit the registry, make sure you understand how to restore it if a problem occurs. For information about how to do this, view the "Restoring the Registry" Help topic in Regedit.exe or the "Restoring a Registry Key" Help topic in Regedt32.exe.

When you try to download a program (.exe) or zip (.zip) file, Internet Explorer may display a blank Web page that contains an ActiveX icon in the upper-right corner. If you click the ActiveX icon, you may receive the following error message:

Error Locating Object Handler
There is no viewer available for the type of object you are trying to to open. The following information is available about this object:

Address of Object: Web_address_of_the_file
Content Type: type of file
Possible location of viewer: Microsoft ActiveX Gallery

Do you want to go to this location to download a viewer for this type of object ?

This issue can occur if an add-in program or ActiveX control on your computer has been uninstalled or deleted, but entries for the add-in program or ActiveX control remain in the registry.

WARNING: Using Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the incorrect use of Registry Editor can be solved. Use Registry Editor at your own risk.

For information about how to edit the registry, view the "Changing Keys and Values" Help topic in Registry Editor (Regedit.exe) or the "Add and Delete Information in the Registry" and "Edit Registry Data" Help topics in Regedt32.exe. Note that you should back up the registry before you edit it. If you are running Windows NT or Windows 2000, you should also update your Emergency Repair Disk (ERD).

To resolve this issue, delete the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Plugins\Extension

The following add-in programs and ActiveX controls have been known to cause this issue:


Cheyenne Web Browser Anti-Virus.

Zip Magic

For additional information about troubleshooting active content in Internet Explorer, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
Q154036 Troubleshooting Active Content in Internet Explorer



Reghakr's fix did the job!  Things seem to work properly now.  I work at a college and I've had the MIS support trying to fix it to no avail.  Thank you for your input.  

And thanks to dgomes30 that gave the extra information that led to the fix.  I had never gotten that error message, so I could never have given the extra input that was necessary to come to the final solution.  That proves that teamwork has its definite rewards!

Again, thanks to all!


Didn't mean to come off that you didn't provide good info, I understand. I'm just glad dgomes came along with that additional info to help us solve it.



I whole heartedly agree.  The simplest comment can make the biggest difference.

Thanks for all the help. I apologize for not responding in a more timely fashion with the error message.

reghakr, Was the article in the MS knowledgebase online or from technet?

It was the Knowledge Base:

Error Locating Object Handler (Q180553)