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Recording a macro in MSAccess

kitso asked
I have a command button in VB through which when pressed i want to run an Access macro.The problem is i do not seem to be able to record a macro in Access like i can do in Excel.So i would like to know if its possible to record a macro in Access.If its possible i would then just call the macro. I am using Access 2000.

Thanks in advance,
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On a form in design view you can press the button on the Toolbox command bar that looks like a wand, then click on the command button button on the same bar. A dialog box will appear from that you can select Report operations and follow the prompt. I think this will do what you want.
You can certainly call a macro from the form:

docmd.runmacro "macro_name"

But, are you looking to record a macro like in Excel - start the recordnig, do a few things, end the recording?
If so, what are you trying to do with the macro?

Hi kitso,

Access doesn't have a macro recorder as Excel has.
There is however a special tab "Macro" when you can construct a macro yourself by defining per line what action with what parameters must be processed.

As macro's don't offer all possibilities that VBA offers, I skipped using macro's and switched to VBA....

If you describe what you want to achieve, we can probably help you better.



Thanks Ni;o,
From Visual basic I would like to have a button through which when pressed envokes Excel and runs a macro.Its Ok if I cannot record the macro in Access .I have done this before in Excel.

Thanks A million times

For just starting excel you only have to place a button on a form and choose the Category: Application and Action: Run Excel.
This will only open excel, no file is activated..


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