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4.5Web - table column width setting

puneetfred asked

I need to know the following:

I have 3 fields in a table displayed as:

A  B  C

field C has a hotspot link that defaults to the field value. This is a dynamic table that displays as many rows as populated. Currently there are 3.

Now, the problem is that this last field is very long and it upsets the table display-
1) the columns are not displayed in even widths.
2) the table goes out of the window.

I think that this would need HTML coding but sadly, dont know any. So, help!!

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Use the Width parameter of TD to specify the size and remove any nowrap parameter , this will release the text to wrap.



Pls tell me what to write, I dont know HTML. and where to write as well.

Instead of using table provided by notes use your own tags to build one

like this


<TD>222222222222222222 22222222222222222
<TD>333333333333333333 333333333333333333333333

[FIELD1] above represent a field, computed which will yield some value.

is this what you were looking for ?

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