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Permission to use Object denied error opening Microsoft Excel File

quizzer asked
I am trying to open an Excel file with my laptop.  The file has 2 macros in it nothing fancy, and I can open it fine on my desktop.  However when I try and open it with my laptop I get Permission to use Object denied

I can open other Excel files in this folder just fine with my laptop and this file does not have any passwords or security on it that I can see.  What could be the problem and how can I open it?  Thanks
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This is a million-to-one shot, but something similar just happened to me so I will pass it along.  

Compare the Add-Ins installed under Tools > Addins on your laptop vs. the desktop.  I had a file that was opening fine on one machine, crashing on the other machine with an object error, and it ended up being a problematic beta version of an add-in on the other machine.  How this particular file interacted problematically with the add-in, I don't know. Maybe one of my macro names coincidently was the same as one in the add-in.

Like I said, the odds of this being it are slim, but its a shot.