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FP2K and Inetinfo Process takes to much time saving web pages

jimenez asked
I think made a really big mistake deleting all the vti_cnf, vti_pvt, etc... folders that my web site has.
Now When I save a web page in my site, it takes to much time and the Inetinfo process takes 60 % of the CPU.
On the other hand, If I create a new Virtual directory under the site, saving a page takes no more than 2 seconds and the inetinfo process takes no more tha 10% of the CPU.
How can I Fix this ?
Thanks a lot  
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have you tried to publish the site back to the server which will restore the vti's etc??

You probably need to have your server admin remove and reinstall the Frontpage Server Extensions for your web, or at least check them.  All those _vti files and folders are needed by the FP extensions.  If you deleted the _vti files & folders, you will probably get a "no frontpage web found at ..." error message if you try to publish.


What Ive done is create a new empty web site, then install the FP extension, open the web with FP2K and publish the pages, but.. the problem stills.
In the event log file I found this:
Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions:
   Error updating 'C:\TEMP\FrontPageTempDir\_vti_inf.html' - didn't find the WebPost/FrontPage section

Thanks again
William FulksIT Services Analyst

Backup the site, then create a fresh new site and also reinstall FrontPage and see if that helps.  Bet you won't delete those directories again.  NEVER go around randomly deleting stuff when you don't know what they are for!
William FulksIT Services Analyst

Have you tried to recreate those directories?
Recreating won't help I'm afraid.....there is actually info in there that FP needs, and you cannot re-create that.

The reason the publishing didn't work either is that FP needs exactly those directories to successfully publish 8-(

I'm afraid you have some work to do.

In the new web you created you will have to copy over each and every web page you created.  You can do this through Windows Explorer.  Just DO NOT highlight & copy the entire directory.....only copy the pages in each directory, not the directory it self.  Then paste them into the new web.  Do the same for the images.

Then Open FP, open that new web and recalculate the hyperlinks.

You'll have to re-do your navigation structure too, if you were using it.

Hopefully that will get your web back in working order.

Live & Learn, eh??
hows it going jimenez?


Thanks for all your advices,
What Ive Done and works fine is Create a new empty web, open it With FP2K, and then Import every folder of my old web to this new web.
Thanks again

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